Arcadia Montessori School offers programs for children 2-6 years old. We offer optional classes in: Dance, Gymnastics, Chinese Language Immersion.


Practical life activities are designed to teach the child how to deal with the real world environment. Activities such as pouring, cutting and pasting, tying shoes, etc. also help the child with a sense of order, coordination, independence and concentration.

Sensorial exercises deal with the development of the five senses. This helps the child learn to observe differences and similarities, to make comparisons between object. To form judgements, to reason and decide.

Language exercises train the child to focus on sounds of letters and words. The first introduction is sandpaper letters; the child traces the letter and repeats the sound. These skills grow into reading and writing activities.

Mathematics begin with numeration, the decimal system and geometry. This area of the classroom starts with concrete material and gradually moves toward abstraction. As with all other parts of the environment, each child works at his own pace as the concepts are understood and mastered.

Cultural activities incorporate everything not listed above. In a Montessori classroom these will include geography, science, history, art, music and movement.